Sunday, October 23, 2005

make this cake!

Becca posted a great cake recipe here: Not Quite Sure: Chocolate Banana Cake

I made it tonight (you'll notice she pretty much dared me to) and, yes, it's that good. Mark said it was one of the best cakes he'd ever had. And I make a lot of cakes. Everyone loved it. And the frosting is really easy and good, too.

Oh, and all that about "good quality chocolate"? It could be better, I suppose, but mine was Hershey's all the way (both for the cake--cocoa--and the frosting--semisweet) and it was fine.

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Becca said...

I tell you, I think I'm going to make it again this week! Those bananas are sitting in the fruit bowl, not being eaten, and I'm not urging them on anyone.