Friday, May 06, 2005

where was I?

Well, that week disappeared in a haze of grading and cool weather. One minute I'm blogging away about fairy tales, the next I'm gone.

I wanted to add to some of what Becca's been saying about her reading girl. I've got an obsessive reader, too. A trip to the library with Nick guarantees that for days, he'll be reading under the covers at night by flashlight, poring over the pages of his "graphic novels" (I think they're just fat comic books--is there an important distinction here?) and hiding them when I come in.

It's that last part that worries me just a little. Like my kids, I was an obsessive reader, reading while dressing, walking, talking, eating...I dropped more than my share of books in the shower, too. In the mornings when my mom would call up the stairs to see if I was ready to go, my answer would always be "Almost!" as I got one leg out of bed, book in hand, to start getting dressed.

So maybe that was deceptive, but it seems on another order from hiding the book and pretending to be asleep, which is what Nick did the other night when, hearing the pages turning, I went into his room at 10:30 to see what was up. (This is a kid whose bedtime is 9:00, and who sleeps until 8:00 am and is still hard to awaken.) He lay there quietly in the dark, breathing deeply while I called his name--quietly, not wanting to awaken him if he really was asleep and I'd just misheard. (Misheard what, though? The cat, reading?)

Fifteen minutes later I heard it again and then I wasn't quite so subtle. I reached under the bedclothes and extracted the book and the flashlight and confiscated them.

And he was fine in the morning, so I mostly let it go. What kind of mom, after all, complains about her kid reading too much? To see the news--and, frankly, to read some of the papers I've been reading lately--American kids are practically allergic to reading, and we should be doing all we can to support it.

Worse things, after all, could be happening. But I'm not buying batteries for the flashlight, I'll tell you that.


Anonymous said...

I was a flashlight under the bedclothes reader, and I'm the most law-abiding character around. Perhaps when you're doing something that you should be doing, it is exciting to somehow make it transgressive.

And, don't forget, one paragraph more turns into another chapter, and then pretty soon you've finished the book.

love, R

Kelly said...

I, too, was a flashlight by night reader. I also couldn't drag my butt out of bed most mornings, and sat reading partially concealed books during classes in school. Call me addicted to reading.

My Tyler reads graphic novels, and some of them are pretty amazing, but yes...some of it is fat comic books with a grandiose name. I keep trying to get him to read Literature, but the Mighty Manga holds him in thrall.

simone said...

hi look i may not no u and i came across this trying to find out what job i can do when im older if im an obssesive reader......and i stumbled across this and ive just gotta say let ur kid read its fantastic my mum hates me reading she cant stand it and her friends cant stand that there kids cant read so shes lucky i can read so i have to read in secret all the time...and its the best thing i love it so much i could never get enough of it theres no words to describe it so ur a great mum to let him read like that and i also cant put books donw like i will read for like 12 hours straight like on planes i make myself sick form doing it redaing 10 hours its crazy but its a healthy crazy *good books are
the northern lights series by phillip pullman the tommorow series by john marsden i cant think of all the books ther are so many but there really good for 10 and up maybe eevn a bit older
byt he way im all the way from australia haha
fomr simone saba 15 yrs old