Monday, May 16, 2005

random thoughts

It's Becca's fault: I've fallen in love with these shoes. And I haven't even tried them on yet. Don't they look both comfortable and (almost) chic? Every summer I go on the same quest: the perfect sandal. These came close, but despite my best efforts, I find I still need black sandals. Or, light purple?

In other news, my stats soared yesterday thanks to the link from Dr. B. I'm going to court with S and some other supporters tomorrow; she's got a place to live; she's made some new friends. I'm hoping things will work out, though we'll know more tomorrow. And the family conversations around here have been awfully interesting as a result.

Then again, Desperate Housewives can engender interesting conversations, too. Last night: "Mom, if you were leaving me, what items would you leave for me to remember you by?"

Hmm. A baseball mitt with a note in it?

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