Tuesday, May 24, 2005

successful women, sick husbands

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Via Alas, a blog and Feministing, here's a story to warm your heart: "Research will this week say that the more committed and successful a woman is at work, the worse her partner feels. The findings blame a syndrome called "unfulfilled husband hypothesis" for making men feel inadequate when women stray too far beyond their traditional roles. The man of the house, it seems, is still not cut out for domesticity."Independent News

This one feels to me a lot like the fairy tale one (are you tired of that one yet?) in that the conclusions seem not to match up with the data, if any. Or that the conclusions seem foregone.

Feministing and Alas have already commented, so there's not much to add, but I'd love to see the study of women whose husbands are ambitious (Feministing wants to, too).

And how about the healths of those couples where neither is ambitious and therefore neither makes any money, so they have no health care, no healthy food, etc.? Or are we not supposed to go there? I'd hardly argue that ambition is in and of itself healthy, but certainly for me and many men and women I know, having meaningful work (paid or unpaid--for some it's parenting, others it's throwing pots, others it's something in an office) is essential to our mental, and therefore to some extent our physical, well-being. Or is that just too obvious even to state?


Regina Walker said...

Wow, scary thought. It almost sounds like a perverse balance: one partner is happy so the other is sad; one is sick and the other is well; one is successful so the other fails.

Christina Springer said...

Oh, such silliness....Brain Child Magazine came up with the ever most unfortunate of titles for men at home. Stay At Home Dads...SAHDs. As if!

But - I invite you into a picture of one of the many SAHDs I know. And they are anything but...

Quiet Revolution

Libby said...

Yeah, over the years Mark has "stayed home" more than me, though neither of us really "stays home."

thanks for the link, Christina...