Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Birthday

Mariah turns 17 today, which is a greater shock to me, I think, than it is to her. Just this past week she has gone on her first college visit, driven an unfamiliar car, calmed her brother's night-time fears, and generally acted like the grown-up she is becoming. The night she was born she seemed calm and deeply curious--she lay in Mark's arms and drank in the world around her with her blue blue eyes. She is still curious, though perhaps not always calm.

She'll get a birthday with her godmother and family this year, as well as with grandparents; I'm glad she can do that, though I know she also wants a friend-birthday, and we'll probably try to make that happen as well. Before that, though, there will be creamy pasta with mushrooms and a very chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream--the girl has good taste, I'll give her that.

This is the first time I've ever blogged on her birthday, but it shouldn't, probably, be the last: happy birthday, Mariah!


Anonymous said...

Give Mariah my love! I remember the day of her birth very well -- as well as the many days before that!

love, Roxanne

Heather said...

Happy birthday, Mariah!! Love to you and to your family--

and don't worry about the college stuff -- you are going to be fabulous -- you already are

peace, love-

Anonymous said...

Yay Mariah, and Happy Birthday! I'm very curious of course about the college visit. Our girl has still not been to one. Did she like it? Any impressions? It all sounds very exciting, new avenues...