Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break by the numbers, sort of

30-80: range, in Farenheit, of temperatures experienced during the week.
48: cookies baked.
47: papers I should have read and marked during the week.
24: papers I did read and mark during the week.
22: muffins baked
10: pages of my own paper drafted.
9: checked out from the library to work on my paper.
2: books I went to the library to get for my paper.
2: maintenance-type appointments accomplished during the week.
2: essays copy-edited.
2: movies seen (Slum-Dog Millionaire, Pan's Labyrinth).
2: novels read (Inkdeath, House of Many Ways)
2: hours I was in the office this morning, break over, before I noticed that the cherry tree outside my window is starting to bloom again.


Magpie said...

Oh! The cherry tree! I can't wait.

Kathleen Marie said...

Now that is a busy but productive spring break... and Cherry blossoms... I do miss those.

Jeanne said...

The statistics kind of remind me of the Harper's Index!