Friday, January 09, 2009

I guess this needs a title

It's been a crazy week around here. After the excitement of last week (ahem), we were hoping for some quiet. But the fridge broke, the (other) car shudders when it runs, and the (first, recently fixed) car needed a brake job. I was supposed to upgrade some software on my computer this week but I decided not to tempt fate, honestly. The cable/phone bill came and it's wrong--by about 150%--again. And I took Mariah to the airport to fly away for her semester in San Francisco, driving home in pouring rain that turned a two-hour drive into three. I've been playing catch-up all week at work, and will need to spend the weekend in the office to get my syllabi in shape for Tuesday, when I start teaching again. Oh, and I had a doctor's appointment today (no big deal, just routine) that took up a lot of time and ended with, yes, another appointment. Still routine, but more time. Sigh.

So I was really glad to see this link to a nice review of Mama, PhD.

And I enjoyed skyping with Mariah tonight. As Mark said, the future is here. Now, where's my jetpack?

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It's always something, right?