Wednesday, January 28, 2009


  • I have a deadline that I am currently not meeting.
  • I would like to meet it, but I just don't quite know enough yet.
  • Blogging will not, at this point, help that.
  • The ice on the cherry tree limbs this morning, in the fog, glowed almost pinky-white--a harbinger of the blossoms that will be there soon.
  • I have to believe in that "soon."
  • I am really tired of winter, and it's not even February yet.
  • I'm not sure Twitter is helping me become more concise.
  • I'm not sure I'm giving it a chance.
  • I forgot to mention yesterday that I blogged at Inside Higher Ed, as I usually do on Tuesdays.
  • Here it is.
  • I participated today in a panel on "balancing teaching and scholarship."
  • I have rarely felt like such a fraud in public.
  • I take comfort in knowing that my co-panelists did, too.
  • Though I of course am sure they are not frauds.


Becca said...

We just have to reassure (and trust) each other: you are so not a fraud.

outside voice said...

Awesome bullets...

Kathleen Marie said...

I can so relate to many of your points... Deadlines and feeling like a fraud, which you are not. You are you ☺