Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Getting out the vote

It's the day we've been waiting for. And over at the Mama, PhD blog at Inside Higher Ed, I try to talk a little about why I'm spending the day volunteering, trying to help get out the vote. Here's a sample:

This is my fourth presidential election as a college professor. I’ve dutifully reminded my students to go to the polls in years past, and have gone myself, but without much sense of hope, without much conviction that anything would change. While I now think the last several elections really did change our course as a nation, I remember in 2000, especially, thinking it didn’t really matter all that much. (read the rest here)

Remember what that was like? I was wrong: it did matter--and this time it really does. Get out and vote!

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FreshHell said...

Yeah, who knew? I watched the botched election results on CNN in 2000 while in the hospital delivery room. In the almost eight years I've been a parent, the political ramifications have changed so much. I only hope our efforts pay off.