Monday, September 01, 2008

here's what I think

about Palin and pregnancy and all the rest. Becca and Rebecca Traister have pretty much said it all for me. I have to admit, the early rumors about Trig Palin being Bristol Palin's son, not Sarah Palin's, got me going. They seemed to reveal such hypocrisy in the family-values right, such a failure of abstinence-only education, such an anxiety about "what people will think." And I was also inclined to agree with Dawn that, if Trig really is (Sarah) Palin's, her traveling while in labor--leaking amniotic fluid--showed at the very best poor judgment and at the worst, well, something much worse.

Mostly, I have nothing but sympathy for Bristol Palin. She's a teenager with a difficult family situation, no matter how you slice it, and she's only going to spend more time in the public eye in the next four months, not less. It's not her fault her mother's ambitious and John McCain wanted someone with no track record on his ticket.

(And while the rest of the country is rejoicing that Gustav appears to be less powerful than early reports had indicated, I imagine the Republicans are actually a little dismayed that they're still in the news...)


readingwritingliving said...

I feel like Bristol Palin is totally the victim here. One, she was offered nothing but "abstinence only" sex education. Offered no contraception. Offered NO CHOICE at all regarding whether to carry this pregnancy to term. She has had a gun held to her head by her parents and this is where she is as a result. I really feel for her.

FreshHell said...

Traister's article pretty much sums it up for me. McCain's choice proves he does not understand women at all.