Wednesday, July 02, 2008

for the train-lovers among you

I have two nephews who love trains. One of them dresses as an engineer as often as possible, and both know arcana about trains that I could never in a million years master. Neither of my kids ever really went through that obsessive stage (though Nick does know an awful lot about dragons...), but I remember my brother going through a dinosaur stage that was somewhat similar. I'm always impressed by the way kids absorb knowledge about the things that interest them, and it's been fun to watch my nephews with the trains.

But it may be a good thing they don't live in New York; the subway system offers a whole new level of obsessiveness, at least for some kids. This is a fabulous picture-book tale of two boys and the subway--check it out!


Caroline said...

How beautiful! this has me inspired to write the SF version about Ben and Eli (who are very much looking forward to exploring the Paris Metro, as you can imagine!)

Train Lover said...

Your boys may like to look at This then it is a beautiful piture of a train.