Monday, June 09, 2008

Bullet Points

  • Today is the third (fourth? I'm losing count) day in a row of unbearable heat and humidity.
  • Highs have been over 100 F. My brain doesn't really function in this heat.
  • So far the prediction for tomorrow is more of the same.
  • I've been experimenting with vegan ice cream. Recipe to follow, when I get it right.
  • Vegan ice cream has one great advantage over "real" ice cream: no need to cook.
  • Actually, there's another advantage: because you don't have to cook it, you don't have to cool it before you can put it in the ice cream maker. Faster ice cream=happier family.
  • Mariah and I spent about 12 hours at church between Thursday and yesterday.
  • Almost all of it choir-related.
  • We sang one service and one concert, and did a long recording session as well.
  • Eventually there will be a CD.
  • Mariah and Nick both graduate this week. I should get off the computer.


Margaret said...

I hope that the Church was at least air conditioned. I remember weekends like that, though!

I hope it's better for the graduations later this week!



Rhea said...

Here in Boston an amazing vegan ice cream parlor has opened up. It's called Wheeler's. They have amazing flavors, including pink champagne and green tea.