Monday, January 28, 2008

How'd I do?

Caution: Not very interesting post about my life, ahead...

Since I noted below on the random things meme all the things I'd be doing this past weekend, I thought I should see how I did.

Not too well.

I did get the laundry done. And I did some knitting and watching sports (boring Mavericks game, alas). And I did actually get the PTSA newsletter out, too, despite receiving a last-minute update from one of my student correspondents after I'd already sent it on to the tech guy to post on the web. But the financial aid and tax forms? I didn't touch them. Didn't touch my ChLA reading, either, though I have a book and a half to finish by Thursday.

The really good news of the weekend, though, was that I seem to have dodged Nick's cold. He spent both Friday and today home from school with it, and didn't leave the house all weekend, but so far (fingers crossed) no one else is sick. We are all, however, sick of Sponge Bob. Me especially.

Today I got back to the financial aid forms and they will be done tomorrow. And I think I have some more reading to do, now.

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