Saturday, June 02, 2007

Saturday accomplishments, family edition

  • One batch of chocolate chip scones, made and partially eaten
  • Three SAT II tests, taken
  • Two hours of club penguin, snuck in there before I noticed
  • One cd collection, cleaned, dusted and organized
  • 18 songs, burned to the "Nick's favorite hits" cd
  • Two bathrooms, cleaned
  • One water-damaged wall, partially restored
  • One picture, reframed and hung
  • (assorted kitchen equipment mildly damaged during picture restoration)
  • One graduation gift, completed (photos above)
  • One trip to the pool, planned for noon, accomplished by 4:30
  • Six chicken thighs and assorted summer squash, marinated, cut up, and grilled
  • One family, reasonably satisfied with the day


Susan said...

Wow, Mariah took three SAT IIs? Very impressive! Mollie could only cope with two, and she said they were "very hard." Sigh.

Chocolate chip scones sounds about what we could use around here...

Amy Turn said...

I love yr blog- I am happy thre are other like me out there :)

Rhea said...

God, you were very productive!

Tess said...

do you remember Kristy's bakery in Carytown and their chocolate scones? I still dream about them sometimes. Lawd, I miss that place!