Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lemonade Season

Nick has a lemonade stand. He and the neighbor boys have done this off and on for a couple of years now, and every now and then they make a little money. This weekend, though, Nick got ambitious. He made up some flyers using ComicLife, named the stand (NCL, for Nick's Corner Lemonade), and printed up a price list. He and I looked up a recipe for lemonade in the Joy of Cooking and we made up a big batch, with about eight lemons. And today he dragged a chair and a crate outside, set up the stand, and waited for cars and walkers to stop.

Mark and I tried to talk him out of it. It's a weekday, it's hot, no one will be walking by, we said.

$14.95 later, we are forced to eat our words. The ice is all melted, the lemonade all sold, and Nick is one happy guy. I have a feeling we'll be doing this a lot this summer. Or, to be precise, he will.

[edited to add: you can click the picture to make it bigger and read the text. He did it all himself. Also, the lemonade was selling for only 25 cents a cup, but people are often generous with the tips.]


Caroline said...

Good for Nick! I can't pass a lemonade stand without buying a cup... Any plans for him to expand, say, by offering cookies??

kate said...

Wow, what initiative! Hmm, I've never seen a lemonade stand here-- maybe one day we could start a new tradition!

niobe said...

I'm certainly impressed. I see a future for Nick as an entrepreneur. Or perhaps a graphic designer.

Magpie said...

Beautiful - I love the sign! And real lemonade! I'm impressed, I think most people just use frozen, or worse, powder.

Libby said...

Yes, Caroline, I'm sure cookies are in the future of the stand. Maybe when you visit?

Hi, Niobe, nice to "meet" you!

Claudia said...

My friends and I used to set up a lemonade stand in front of my house on Floyd. I think, though, it was lemonade-flavored kool aid. And it was ten cents a cup back then. We never made much money but it was fun. My mother was happy to get us out of the house.