Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I'm feeling a little frazzled with the normal end-of-semester stuff. Both kids have stuff they are doing at the end of the year, too (though they still have almost two months of school left) and so it's busy. Not flat-out busy, just not-quite-on-top-of-things busy. (Don't even ask me about the taxes. They're done, but --well-- let's just say I made a somewhat expensive mistake. Sigh.)

I did, however, get to see Lilian the other day, and to meet her husband and see her lovely kids. Sorry it wasn't longer--that would be me with the busy-ness again--but I'm really glad they took the time on their way home.

I'm also just loving the occasional rehearsal where I get to watch Nick dance. This is just so awesome I can hardly stand it. Mandatory dance class for fourth graders--do you just love it? (I do, so if you don't, you can just be quiet about that.)

The weather is almost too hot but I hear it's cooling off (and raining) later today so I'm going to be quiet about that, too. Especially after complaining about the cold, which I maybe (in a rare show of restraint) didn't do on the blog but I've certainly done out loud more than once. Shh.

The weird thing about being busy is these random bits of unscheduled time. They don't feel long enough to start anything important, but they're too long just to completely veg out. Perhaps this is where blogging comes in.


Magpie said...

I love that there's mandatory dancing! What kind of dance class?

Heather said...

oh, that is truly fabulous... too funny

speaking of busy... really going to start my paper now... something about iconoclastic controversies, I think?... if things get ugly, I'm calling in G-Mac and Pullman... what's the worst she can do?

hang in there w/ the crazy-busy... you're still managing to be fabulous (and to appear fabulously composed) so cheers for you!!

Libby said...

Magpie, I'm not sure what to call it. They are taught by members of the ballet, but it's more like simple line and step stuff. Moves that come from jazz, too, I think. Lots of stomping--good for fourth graders!

Lilian said...

Oh, mandatory dance lessons sound just wonderful to me!! It was nice seeing you too!