Thursday, January 11, 2007

finished object(s)

This is the Sophie bag from magknits, made about 1/3 larger (I like a big bag). I made it in less than a week, out of lovely soft malabrigo yarn from Uruguay. It smelled a little vinegary as I knit it--I assume they fix the dye with vinegar--but that washed out in the felting process. There's a stripe there of another random yarn out of my so-called stash, because I was afraid I might run out of the malabrigo--I think it worked out pretty nicely, though. It's a design feature, not a desperate attempt to stay out of the yarn shop.

In other news, I also finished a draft of my (somewhat) overdue paper today. And the semester hasn't even begun yet!


Lilian said...

It looks beautiful, Libby. I truly wish I could knit. Hopefully I'll try someday, but I'm dreadfully afraid of being really bad at it.

Libby said...

Thanks, Lilian. The great thing about felting is that when you wash the knitted object in very, very hot water, it shrinks up tightly and covers all kinds of mistakes. I love it.

Caroline said...

OK, really the next time I hang out with you, I want you to teach me how to knit (won't that be fun for you?!)

The bag is gorgeous!

Heather said...

lovely -- really -- wow