Monday, October 09, 2006

bullet points

I don't think well in bullet points. When people ask me for quick summaries I inevitably end up with paragraphs. I start outlines and part-way through realize that I'm writing out the material, not summarizing. Nonetheless I'm time-limited today and I'm going to try for bullet points for a quick weekend update.

  • Cooler weather means dinners in the oven, and dinners in the oven means cream sauce. Or so it seems. Creamy cheesy chicken bake (thanks, H!) on Friday, chicken pie (leftovers from Friday, with veggies, more sauce, and a crust on top) on Saturday, and tuna casserole on Sunday. Time to exercise more.

  • Rain. It rained all day Friday and Saturday. I literally didn't leave the house on Saturday. The roof, however, did not leak, and the Jetta didn't, either. Praise be!

  • If you've got to stay in all weekend there are worse things to do than watch MirrorMask, a Neil Gaiman/Dave McKean movie that evokes Coraline quite nicely without in any way recreating it. Nick, who often finds movies too scary to watch, enjoyed it just as much as Mark and I did. (Mariah was out and missed the fun...)

  • Of course, you can also watch baseball right now, so I did that, too.

  • Sunshine on Sunday meant we actually did get to the Fall Fiber Festival. What, you didn't know about the fall fiber festival? I'm not quite sure how I found out, but once I learned there'd be sheepdog trials, I had to go. Come on, you remember Babe, right? Mariah kept chanting "Baa, Ram, Ewe!" as the dogs were trying to herd the sheep. And, yes, it was terribly muddy. But Nick learned to spin on a drop spindle (we'll see how long it takes him to make me some knittable yarn), and we bought yarn, and we walked around in the sunshine. A good time for all.

  • It's midterm time, so I'm now officially a grading machine. See you in a while...

    Becca said...

    We went to a sheep/wool kind of event this summer. The dogs were lame, but E proved masterful at spinning on the wheel! It was the weirdest thing: she was totally fascinated by it, and she was the only kid who actually had the capacity to hold the wool at the right tension. I was excited to see her so into it, but what a useless gift in contemporary America!

    Heather said...

    you're welcome -- I'll bring the chocolate pie one by sometime soon -- but I'll go ahead and admit it's not a healthy one! (but then again, chocolate can work wonders, I've found...)