Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Apparently I'm registered with the wrong party

So, if you haven't taken it already, here's the Applebees Quiz. I'm a 10 on the 12-point scale, which puts me well into Red America, somehow. I think this may be because I have been known to shop at WalMart, drink a Dr. Pepper, and buy a local brand of bottled water. Though, really, often the choices were a case of flipping a coin: I don't really buy bottled water (but if I did it's the cheap stuff); I don't really drink soda, and between Pro Wrestling and Monster Trucks I'd choose, um, a mammogram instead. I mean really, either one sounds like torture. I got the quiz from Stone Court, and so far the folks taking the quiz through their site are almost all coming up red despite their claims to blue-ness. So I'm not sure how useful it is.

(By switching Saab to Audi, Dr. Pepper to Sprite/Pepsi, local water to Evian, WalMart to Whole Foods and USNews to TVGuide, I got it to put me in the "Tipping" Tribe. And when I switched bourbon/scotch to gin/vodka (which for me is a weather-related choice, not a political one), Monster Truck to Pro Wrestling, Coors to Bud, and auction site to dating site, it moved me all the way over to blue. Since most of these are really "none of the above" answers, I may just not fit the categories at all.)


PunditMom said...

Odd test. For many of the questions, I wouldn't have liked a 'no choice' option! It claims I'm in the "Tipping Tribe" when I know I am firmly in the Dem/blue state column!

Mrs. Coulter said...

I'm also apparently a member of the "Tipping Party". Which is highly amusing, because I have never, ever voted for a Republican in my entire life. I have left lines on the ballot blank rather than vote FOR an *unopposed* Republican incumbent for a local office. I'm about as committed a liberal as you get.

BeowulfToo said...

So it said I was "tipping" but I had left the wrestling/trucks open. When I went back and chose trucks, I came up Red! Liberals watch wrestling? Crazy!