Friday, September 01, 2006

Do I still exist?

We've had no phone or internet at home since yesterday afternoon, and no power on campus today, so I'm feeling a little out-of-touch. I'm in a cafe with free wireless this morning so I can update and check e-mail and all. But I'm about to head back to our digital-free-zone at home, hoping that we'll be reconnecting later in the day. Wish me luck!

(And if you came here this morning looking for a recipe, my apologies... As usual at the turn of a season, I'm tired of all the food I've been making for months but haven't quite shifted into the new mode. Maybe next week.)


Mom said...

Hurricanes do disrupt life as we know it, don't they? Hope normalcy returns soon

Library Mama said...

Good luck with everything.

Hope things are soon back to routine.