Friday, September 29, 2006


So now this blog is in beta, too. I'm told the commenting issue has been fixed--let me know if you see anything different.

[edited to add more detail, in response to Mom's comment]
So: blogger has two different interfaces, now, and I'm testing out the new one (thus, beta). My understanding is that at some deep level it's very different from regular blogger in how it manages posting, but as far as I'm concerned the difference is that it's easier to edit and change the layout, and that I can add labels to posts, which can help with searching out old posts later. Or that's the theory.


mom said...

So what's the difference between the original, and beta? A brief explanation would be helpful!

Lilian said...

Good, It's all I needed before switching, a "close blogging friend" to do it so I can be sure it's now "risky" or anything! :)

I'm DYING to add labels. Can labels be added to old posts, though? Even I have to do it one by one, I don't care, I'd do it :)

Libby said...

Yes, Lilian, you can add labels to old posts--I just tried it out.