Tuesday, August 22, 2006

quick and easy

OK, say you made ricotta cheese. Or bought some, for that matter. And say you have some peaches. (They are so good right now, I am buying them every time I go to the store.) And say you saw that recipe for grilled peach pizza, but the whole pizza dough on the grill thing seems like too much work. Frankly, everything seems like too much work right now. It must be the last week before classes start. But I digress. We were talking about peach pizza.

If you don't feel like starting the grill, you do this instead. You toast a couple of flour tortillas (those are a staple in our house, handy for so many meals), and you spread the ricotta and the peaches on them instead of on pizza dough. And then you bask in the compliments. Amazing.

(Yes, I did put the toasted pumpkin seeds on, and yes, Nick did pick them off.)

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Mom said...

Yes, that's a considerable saving in time and energy - I'd sprinkle some brown crystal sugar on the peaches on top of the ricotta, and toast lightly in the toaster oven - a small scoop of ice cream on the hot pizza is painting the rose, but hey, that's what desserts are for!