Monday, August 21, 2006

may it always be so

Mariah is driving these days.

Deep breath.

She has a permit, not a license yet, and is driving around town pretty easily now. It took a while for her to get comfortable behind the wheel because our cars are both stick shifts, but she's now got the hang of shifting and not looking down at the gearshift while she does it. (That does tend to cause a little lane drift, we've discovered...)

So today she drove on the highway for the first time. This is from her e-mail to me after she came home (no, I wasn't there for this momentous occasion. I have an irrational aversion to witnessing members of my family endangering themselves, so I decided to come to work instead):

"My first merge was the hardest, but the guy in the lane I needed to be in changed lanes for me."



Caroline said...

May it always be so, indeed!

Congratulations and safe travels to you all!

Roxanne Eberle said...

It is amazing to me that Mariah is driving. Let us hope that all the drivers she encounters continue to be so cooperative.

Mom said...

Oh, my! I remember [some of] those days well, when the three of you started. And I never have managed to master stick shift!

tin281 said...

Your blog reminded me to go back to driving school. I've asked my husband to teach me for awhile driving but we always ended up shouting and fighting each other in the car. Take my tip! Never ask your husband to teach you how to drive using his own car!

Jody said...

Oh, I get the shivers just thinking about that milestone.

Glad it went well!