Tuesday, April 19, 2005

things I like

The weather. It's sunny and warm, breezy when it starts to threaten to get too hot. There are flowers blooming.

Going away. I spent a long weekend away at a conference, gave a talk, spent time with friends and colleagues from other schools who gave me much-needed perspective on my own work. Good food, great weather, interesting things to talk about, occasional solitude. I even got some grading done.

Coming home. Everyone was still alive and well (always a plus), there wasn't too much laundry piled up, and Mark cooked dinner. Nice to sleep in my own bed.

The end of the semester. Classes end Friday. 'Nuff said.


Ann D said...

I added you to my links.

Blogger of a Million Mysteries

Libby said...

thanks, Ann!

(Hmm, are those million mysteries mine or yours?)