Thursday, April 21, 2005

and things I don't like quite so much

About those things I like? So going away and coming home are still fine, but the weather got a little too much for me yesterday. 89 degrees in April? I don't think so. The a/c came on, though I turned it off out of some sense of Puritan restraint. You just open windows in April, right?

So about those open windows, and the lovely flowers? Let me just say that I am typing through a thin film of pollen. My keyboard is covered. I dust it off every hour or so. I refuse, however, to close my window, because I am one of that rare species of professor who has a window that opens, and I insist on opening it.

The cherry tree outside my office is no longer in bloom, but the pollen is everywhere.

And, about that last week of classes thing? Of course the pile of papers to be graded, and the exams to be written (and then graded), are not so much fun.

I can't complain, but sometimes I still do.

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