Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mothering at Mid-Career: Unknitting

There are some undertakings so overwhelming that, if you knew too much about them before diving in, you might never embark on them. Having children, for example, is way too daunting if you think about the time and money spent, the income and sleep lost — you'd never do it if you drew up a detailed budget beforehand. Writing a dissertation — or a book — is a similarly unmanageable project that might cow anyone who really thought hard about how long it would take for how little reward. Sometimes I think the academy, or the human race, reproduces itself only — to borrow Samuel Johnson's quip about second marriages — through the triumph of hope over experience.

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Cold Spaghetti said...

(Found you through Magpie.) I'm working on my dissertation (a phrase I've said now for a number of years) and I'm close... edits to a second draft and then defense. Triumph of hope over experience? OH YES. Thank you for that today; that was exactly what I needed to hear!