Tuesday, December 23, 2008

instead of TV

At my parents' house in northwestern Connecticut there's a big flat-screen TV at one end of the living room. There's a satellite internet connection and wifi, so my dad and I can both be online at the same time. (Too many laptops and the connection slows down, but it's early yet). There's a blanket of snow outside and before long I expect Nick will be out in it; he went out last night after dinner to start a snowman and was only barely persuaded to come back in despite the frigid temperatures and the almost impenetrable darkness.

But for now the TV sits quiet, the snow undisturbed. Nick sits in front of the sliding glass doors that lead out to the deck, entranced by the display of birds feeding at the various feeders. It's a pretty good show.

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outside voice said...

Peaceful and lovely...thank you for sharing that!