Thursday, September 06, 2007

Twenty Years

Twenty years ago today I was in Montreal, on the first leg of our fabulous honeymoon. So, yes, yesterday was our twentieth anniversary.

On our first anniversary, we were preparing for the new year of school. We'd both finally passed our master's exams.

On our second anniversary, I was five months pregnant and preparing for my orals.

On our fifth anniversary, I was preparing to file my dissertation and start my first full-time job.

On our tenth anniversary, I was brain-dead and sleep-deprived with month-old baby Nick.

On our fifteenth anniversary, we were just back from a California vacation and starting in on a busy semester.

And yesterday, the convertible top (just out of warranty)* refused to go up without breaking a part, but we still managed to go out to dinner and celebrate another good year. Whew!

*the guy at the dealer says since it's just four days over warranty and we've got low miles he'll put it in as warranty service. Happy Anniversary!


Claudia said...

Happy 20 years! That's an accomplishment to be proud of.

Tony & Caroline said...

Happy 20 years! you make it look easy, you really do.

Heather said...


btw -- we sang that "how can I keep from singing?" hymn in chapel today; I thought of you :)

and 20 yrs certainly is something to sing about!

Roxanne said...

Wow! Congratulations to both you and Mark!

Jody said...

Happy Anniversary!

Lilian said...

I'm really really late, my friend, but Happy Anniversary to you!!!

And can I copy the post format for my own anniversary later this year? :)