Sunday, August 05, 2007


Mark and I will have been married twenty years in early September. A month or so ago we realized there was no way to get a vacation in together then, as he'll be just starting the new semester in a new job. And the kids will be back in school. So we decided to take a long weekend together alone, and that was last weekend. We went to Asheville, NC (and we'll go back--it was great!), we went whitewater rafting, we ate fabulous food, and we generally had a great time. We hadn't been away alone together in fifteen years (not counting a conference or two, since those aren't vacations). We've decided not to wait another fifteen years.

Mariah is away for a week at her annual songfest with PII (People International, Inc.). She will live in a hotel with a group of kids and adults who come together annually to sing, dance, talk, laugh, eat, and put on a show for charity. So far the text messages suggest that all is well.

Nick's birthday party was yesterday. He did, as promised, bake his own cake--a crazy cake with buttercream frosting (I made the frosting). He frosted the cake and sketched in the designs, which I then (rather inexpertly) applied. As far as we could tell, everyone liked it.

And now Nick is off to camp for five days, leaving tomorrow morning. The house will feel very empty. But Mark starts work this week as well so it's a good time for a little peace and quiet.


Heather said...

so sweet

have a wonderful week!


Mom said...

So now I know what PII is!

Trenting said...

We looked into Ash, NC to live actually, very nice place, We went ww rafting this year in Tennessee, it was a lot of fun, didn't take the 6yr. old I was afraid he would fly out onto the rocks..
Glad to have tripped onto your blog..

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Libby--congratulations! May you have many more happy years together---and many more vacations to enjoy one another too.