Tuesday, September 20, 2005

yes, she really said that #1

As I just posted in comments, I've decided to write down one thing one of my kids says every couple of days. I want to see if I can develop an ear for dialogue.

So here's this morning's entry, a bonus entry!

Mariah has been babysitting a lot lately. We were listening to NPR this morning, to a report on shift work, and it reminded her of a babysitting job she'd done recently for a medical resident who's working crazy hours.

"I'm so glad I babysat for them." Pause, just long enough for me to remember that the baby cried for the entire two hours, and she spent the whole time walking him up and down their narrow, dark hallway. But before I could say "why?" she continued. "They really needed it."

Another pause. "I love to see smart people with babies," she went on. "I mean, you and Daddy... the PhDs just go out the window! And with K and her husband, too; it's all 'ba-ba-ba-ba' and [very high voice] 'hi, sweetie!' It's hilarious! I mean, do babies think grown ups are really dumb?"

Um, thanks, hon.


Lilian said...

LOL!!!! That's hilarious!! Well, she'd say the same about us and our youngest "baby", I guess, but if she spoke some Portuguese, she would have to reconsider when talking to our 3 1/2 year old. People usually get impressed with his vocabulary and how articulate he is :)

Libby said...

Oh, it's not the babies at all, just the parents who she thinks are making fools of themselves! As we do, no doubt...