Monday, August 29, 2005

still deciding

I've been back over a week--ten days, in fact--and am back at work and everything, and still haven't updated. One issue is that our house is in a shambles--we are having some renovations done, and of course they are taking longer than planned. (Everyone who has ever renovated a house now laughs knowingly.) We tried to have them done while we were away (another knowing laugh here) and, of course, they're not finished. The good thing, I suppose, is that we're here to make some final decisions. The bad thing is that we can't actually unpack all the way. Mark's closet doesn't have a bar for hanging things, for example, and Nick's bed and dresser are not where they belong nor ...well, never mind. Anyway, we're not really unpacked.

The other issue is that I seem to be undergoing blogger angst. Why do I blog? What do I have to say? You've heard it all before--everyone goes through it. So bear with me, or don't, as you choose, and I'll think about what to do next. In the meantime, thanks for reading.

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Becca said...

Oh god, I'm so ready to quit again myself. Total sympathy from this end...