Saturday, June 11, 2005

back again

not surprisingly, it was easier to find a few minutes to blog while I was on vacation than now that I'm back into whatever our summer "routine" is. The kids still have school but there's no more homework, and Mariah only has half days next week for exams, so things are definitely winding down. Naturally, therefore, Nick has come down with strep throat. After he burst into tears at the dinner table Mark mentioned to me that a note had come home last week announcing that the kids had been exposed to scarlet fever. Despite the scary-sounding name and my memories of Mary in the Little House books going blind as a side-effect of it, scarlet fever is really just strep with a rash--and Mary's blindness actually had other causes. Nick, however, just has regular old strep and a bunch of bug bites (which raised our anxiety last night, since they seemed potentially rash-like). So now he has taken tylenol and amoxicillin and wants to go out and ride his bike.

I'm trying not to be boring here but frankly the heat and the humidity in Richmond, after the lovely weather in the Bay Area, have me a little slow and stupid. (more than usual, that is) So maybe no more blogging until I reacclimate?


Christina Springer said...

How I got here from blowing off steam about O'Neil Walker's treatment at Middlebury College, I don't know. But, sister, blogging the blow-by-toddler-blow ain't boring.

These days, I find myself writing about the pond. It is the pond and more pond. I'm thankful, I don't have to write about disease anymore. (Ranted 2 blogs about the U.K. N.H.S. almost killing my American son.)

So, share on sister...share on...I'll come back. (And yes, it is different when you are on number 2 at almost age 41 and the 18 year old is just as needy as the 2 year old.... and you recall...of course, oh yeah...parenting...haven't got a clue...just muddle through.)

I thought I'd be living on a small plot of land in rural Virginia writing poetry at this point in my life. Thank you. I'll be checking back.

Libby said...

Nice to meet you, Christine. Sounds like my two aren't quite as far apart as yours, but I know the feeling. Thanks for dropping by.