Thursday, January 27, 2005

banning the GSA

My daughter is in the Gay-Straight Alliance at her high school. She came home today upset about this bill, currently under consideration in our state legislature:Bill Tracking - 2005 session : "D. In the exercise of their authority to protect the well-being of students as recognized by federal law pursuant to 20 U.S.C. § 4071 (f), local school boards providing equal access and fair opportunity to use school facilities or to distribute literature shall not allow such access or opportunity to use such school facilities or to distribute literature to any club or other group that is focused on supporting, assisting, or justifying any lifestyle involving sexual behavior."

OK, leaving aside the complete stupidity of the language of the bill (clubs that justify lifestyles involving sexual behavior? What about the 4H club? Does that count?), the point of the bill is to ban GSAs at public schools. So she and her friends spent their meeting time this afternoon writing to their representatives, encouraging them to oppose this ridiculous bill. (And the proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, in a state that has already--yes--banned gay marriage.)

So. I'm really proud of her, and encourage you to take action as well, if you live in Virginia. You can do it here.


expatmama said...

Wow, I can´t believe this! I feel like I hardly recognize my own country anymore. What is the recation on the part of the school (or do they not have an official stance? Probably not...) What about the general student body reaction? Good for Mariah for speaking out. I forwarded this to my cousin who lives in VA...

Meg said...

This doesn't surprise me a bit, sadly. I'm with Expatmama on this one...can hardly recognize my own country. Lucky for her, though, she doesn't have to live here. *sigh* I'll be writing my representatives today.